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Dec 12, 2007

Thoughts of Jo

Hi Everyone,

Amy, I completely agree with you. Society has gotten to a point where it has become completely blasé when it comes to these terrible crimes. I love Premier Bligh's reaction but. Oh yes, we will hold an inquiry into this case and cases from the Cape, but not one on the WHOLE system. Kinda defeats the purpose huh?

I went shopping yesterday and spent !lots! of money! $450.00 at last count! EEEK! I rarely spend that much money at one go, unless it is on bills...and yesterday I spent it on stuff I absolutely could live without...but...twas fun :-)

I bought:

1 new dress to go out in on Saturday night: it is very bright: no one will lose me!
A bunch of silver accessories to go with said dress
1 new everyday dress
1 pair of platforms to wear while I am in Melbourne
1 pair of bright pink stilettos to go with new party dress
1 set of new undies and bra (lime green too!)
1 bright yellow nail polish to go with new party dress
1 silver clutch to go with new party outfit
1 laptop bag/handbag to take to Melbourne
1 new nightie for Melbourne
A present for my second cousin, William

Yes, it all added up quickly! lol!


1 comment:

Lidia said...

tsk tsk tsk :P I wish I had $450 to spend!!! Lol!

Gosh, I just realized i have nothing to wear for Saturday night. You and Melissa are going to look so gorgeous and I was gonna wear my old jeans :( Oh well, i shall dig up something :P

It is going to be heaps of fun!

Luv Amy


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