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Jan 24, 2008

Even princesses have rough times...

Dear all,

Yes, even princesses have rough times. And mine has kinda hit: like right now!

Justin has lost his job people. Not a good thing when we are trying to move...he has got three weeks...Ahhh...hopefully I can get a job very quickly or else we are going to have problems! But that is life...and we will survive...

Anyways, still haven't found a house. But I am sure we will get the house right for us...my life has never been predictable...but has always ended up just the way it should!



Lidia said...

Hey Jo!

Really sorry about Justin losing his job :( I'll just keep sending through stuff as well...

I really hope you guys find a house! But yes, I usually find that life works out alright in the end, albeit with a lot of stress!

Good luck with everything and remember i'm thinking of you!


Contestant X said...

Hey another blogger from Rocky!
Thats terrible timing I hope you resolve your housing issue, and your employment probs. Moving is stressful, losing your job is stressful.. looks like its time to take a few deep breaths!

I've added you to my blogroll, will you consider doing the same for me?
thanks Contestant X
Rocky's Largest Loser


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