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Jan 16, 2008

If only...

Wow...a strike way left of centre
Leaving me destroyed, in pieces
Questioning the future,
Questioning the past,
Questioning myself,
Wondering why I trust,
Only to have it broken time and time again,
Wonder why I don't see people's two sides,
Only to be blindsided by that which I refuse to see
You'd think I'd learn....

If only they could see
The love I have for you baby,
Instead of questioning my motives,
I really couldn't care if you had no money,
Because all I need is your love and support
Not the cash they think I hunger after...

As to my friend,
You know who you are,
You will always be my friend,
My door will always be open,
I will always be here for you,
But that does not make what you did right,
Friends talk, not hurt
If only time could be reversed,
Maybe I could fix whatever I did...

Now hell has exploded once again,
And the shit has hit the fan,
I survived once before,
Maybe I can again.
Or maybe this is the last blow,
3rd time can be unlucky.
How much more can I be put through,
Before my body and me will cease to exist?

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