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Jan 6, 2008

My Entry of Busy!

Hi All,

Long time no hear, I know: but that's for a very good reason: I was on holiday in Melbourne...

I did lots of fun stuff: went to the Museum, caught trams, visited Mareka, and went to Mount Beauty for 2 weeks of fantastic randomness with my grandmother, whom I am sure, invented randomness...(some photos are starting to appear of Flickr: woot!)

At the end of it...

*We postponed our engagement party because of various family reasons

*And discovered we are moving.

At this stage, we are not sure as to where, but oh well...Life is like that: I am sure it will all work out! I believe everything in life happens for a reason...

So my life going to be noisy chaos for a while...but happily that means that there will be a moving party: whether that will be here or our new house I am not quite sure. And then it will be my 20th B'day and I will start uni, and Justin will turn 27...this going to be a year of big ones for us, I am sure!


1 comment:

Lidia said...

Hey Jo!

I love your new mast head :P It's a nice picture of you!

I hope you find a new apartment then considering you are moving! it shouldn't be too hard but I was over my cousin's house today ands he said it took her about three months to get hers! Fingers crossed though!

I'm gonna check out your pics now :P



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