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Jan 16, 2008

Parenting Expose 101 Service!

Hi all,

Check out this article:


I would have to say, I agree...Childcare can be damn boring: I mean, how many times can you really beg a toddler to eat his vegetables (plenty: trust me). Not only that but the way society locks you in a box (called a house and trust me sometimes, it can be a prison)and questions you if you dare step outside and still want to have some form of adult "high culture" interaction and communication...

Ahhh yes, when I was looking after the kids (and I would have to say this is going to be my biggest hurdle when I am finally a mother) I missed adult conversation: especially "high level" stuff: you know; analyzing the latest movie or book. You get so used to it at uni, you really miss it when all you talk about for days is the Wiggles or poo... That is why I want to have a baby when I am still at uni because it is a) flexible and b) still give me that adult interaction that I crave.

I can understand how higher education (read university) trained mothers find it such a struggle: and I think it is really important to stress that it is alright to struggle...The "supermum" act I think, is dangerous for both kids and mother, but especially the mother...just look at Britney Spears to see the full impact of post-natal depression (among other things I have no doubt).

So people: stop acting like parenting is a walk in the park and full of rewards and sunshine: it's not. It is boring, but can be rewarding: just not every second of every day...There are a days where you just want to scream and days where you are so in love with your child it makes everything better...till the next day!

Love Jo!

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