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Jan 13, 2008

The person in the room with me is obsessed with Dogs! And why our bodies are like men!

Yes, yes he is: isn't that right Jack?? lol....so how is everyone today??

I am fine... am pondering the randomosities (a made up word, I know) of being in your nightie at at quarter past 10 in the morning! I am very good with this as my boobs are giving me hell!!!! Don't know what is wrong but all I know is that they are sooo sore and sensitive! MY GOD! I think my hormones are a bit off: might be because I am still coming off the needle: least I have stopped all the spotting: that was sheer annoyance let me tell you: the instant a tampon went in, the instant it stopped: and then I would take it out and it would start again....Ahhhh! Sometimes, we really, really hate our bodies: don't we girls?? They certainly know how to drive you crazy! Kinda like men sometimes...Yes, yes our bodies are like men: they both do random stuff at times which make you mad, they both can be painful to live with, and they both ARE JUST PLAIN ANNOYING sometimes! But they both can be phenomenal when they are "good"... Ah yes....men are like our bodies! WOOT! And it's really funny too because they are obsessed with them....hehe...

But anyways still looking for a house...sigh!


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