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Feb 28, 2008


Hi All,
I must say that politics certainly have been interesting of late...cardboard Kevin's, sorries, 9% approval ratings and above all, CHANGE! Oh the bliss never ceases!!!

Thank God Kevin Rudd got in! The number of things he has done in barely 3 months: compared to Johnny Howard's 11 years, has kinda shocked everyone, I think!

Now for the Liberals: their true colours revealed: they have been plunged into chaos, and quite frankly, madness! I mean, what is smart about bringing a cardboard Kevin into question time? They claim that it is because the real thing isn't there: but I clearly remember that Johnny Howard not being there a number of times! And there is the whole 9% approval rating of Brendan Nelson...lol...made me laugh so hard when I heard about it! I think the real reason for this is that he looks like a sour fish (or humpback whale) to be quite frank, and secondly he is a pompous arse who doesn't know how to control his party, or even, whose side he is on! And I love the backflips they have done on so many issues: work choices and apologising to the aboriginals for two: even though neither of those things were really by choice: and I hate to say it, but it showed in Mr Nelson's apology speech (or was it subtle down putting of the aboriginals?)!!! Add to this fact that Johnny Howard was the only living former prime minister not to attend the ceremony speaks volumes about the party!


1 comment:

Lidia said...

Hey Jo :P

I agree what you mean about the Liberals! They're still holding on to that legacy of Howard, even though the Australian people rejected him overwhelmingly! They reackon Nelson won't last until the end of the year, it'll probably be handed over to Turnbull. There don't seem to be many true leaders in the Libs at the moment - the only two I would ever consider picking would be Hockey and Turnbull. Bishop I think seems very conniving, but she was handed workplace relations after all! Haha - about the cardboard Kevins, they are always doing stupid stuff like that! Google "Peter Costello" and "chicken" :P Or look it up on youtube!



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