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Mar 4, 2008

Exclamation marks and Princess Jo!

Hi all!

The life of Jo has been relatively boring of late: with one exception: my birthday! Yes I am 20 now: for better or for worse...had a lovely birthday: my mum and brothers came up and we did lunch! I personally shouted myself to a spa for a pedicure, manicure and full body massage (helped by my lovely Grandma!) and felt so much better for it!

I started uni: already have missed a couple of classes: I know: so sad and terrible of me! But this morning I woke up with no voice so I thought going to a subject where I would be required to talk would be silly of me :) It cleared up during the day but still a bit scratchy!

Leela is nearly fully toilet trained now! Yippee! She is also getting quite comfortable on her lead which is excellent! Tomorrow is needle day but! OUCH ! Poor puppy! Her new love is puppy porridge which she adores...

Now this post is littered with exclamation marks, I will take my leave!!!


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