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Mar 11, 2008


Hi everyone,

Good news everyone! I have a job! Not only that, but a good one that is flying me to the sunny coast for training (along with some time off) Not only that but it just happens to be on the weekend that my friend is having her 21st...WOOT! (which I did not know about: and I am to be the surprise guest at!) Hehe...and it's really flexible etc...

What is it? A recruitment leader for Cultural Care, an aupair cultural exchange program...I get to talk at schools and hold meetings etc....very sales orientated! Hehe...go me! Woot!



Lidia said...

Hey Jo :P

Congratulations! That sounds absolutely awesome! Have fun in the Sunny Coast! I've never spent much time there but it's supposed to be awesome :)


Finbarpurpleton said...

Hi Jo

Congratulations on the new job!


Dog Face Lady Man said...

High Jo,

Sounds like you're onto a winner job-wise!! Whereever did you come across it?


PS: Thank you for the comment love on YouTube.


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