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May 23, 2008

Foster Caring and other random stuff

Hi All,

Well..it looks we are about to start the rollercoaster that is applying for, and becoming a foster carer! Amazing...I suddenly feel like I am having a gestational period from now till August maybe sometime (so around 3 to 4 months), and then I might just have a baby! It is so crazy...

A person visited from the DOCs, and he seemed really positive. Good start I think!

Now we have training to do, and interviews to complete....cross your fingers for us! We have asked to have children aged 0-5, as those are the children I feel most comfortable looking after...I think we would like to have one "long term" child and do emergency care for the rest of them...

Ummm but we will need plenty of love, support and crossed fingers...Foster caring can be worlds apart from normal parenting, and 20 times more difficult...It is going to be a challenge, but one I think we are up to! There is so much to plan between now and then...Prams, bassinets, clothes, nappies, formula, house safety gear, just for a start. The list goes on and on. I have to begin to sit down and separate my list into dreams and reality. Whilst I may like the top of the line pram, I doubt I will get it...but we shall see. I would much rather spend a little extra and get a pram that will last forever...than get an el-cheapo that is a pain to work...

Ahhh I keep thinking of things I would need for a baby (of those ages particularly) I wonder what I have gotten myself into...!!! A big challenge, definately!

It will certainly be a lifestyle change, thats for certain....!!

My friend has thankfully decided to keep her baby! I am so excited for her!


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