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May 12, 2008

Memories and Sad Stories

Hi all,

I was just thinking to myself about my memories. Some have been good, some bad, and some I just want to forget about for the rest of my life: if only it was that easy ;-)...

Umm...I may have a nannying job near Taroom...I am still not sure if I want it...I think I would miss Justin, Leela, Sprinkles and Charlie too much... And plus, all the travelling would drive me crazy... It would be alright if it was in Gracemere, or Rocky, or Yeppoon. But a PROPERTY out near Taroom! Umm...that would be going backwards. And plus, why do I suddenly have the urge to return to nannying?!?! I think a lot of it has to with the fact that I am looking for a replacement for the child/children I cannot have at this moment.

A friend of mine is pregnant (yet another person beating me to it) and sadly (due to many different and very genuine reasons) is going to abort it. I must admit I struggled with that big time...but I will still support her and not judge, as she isn't really receiving a lot of support, especially from the people that really matter. Whilst I personally (for myself) do NOT support or like abortion for any reason...to begin with, I have waited too long for a baby!!

She is, however, a fantastic person, and I look up to her in many ways...

I don't understand this world sometimes...actually, rather a lot....



Finbarpurpleton said...

Hi Joan,

I am commenting on your entire entry...Sorry about the lack of response. I am an entire hypocrite. However, I digress perhaps it's because you update so infrequently lately as I do too recently? Hmmm or maybe it's down to forgetfullness and laziness as you mentioned. Then again sometimes I am in the mood to respond, but because of the lack of entries I've already done so on a previous date and then when there is a new entry I am in the lazy mood where I don't feel like responding. Hope this makes sense?

Anways, I know what you mean by sad memories. I have them flood back on certian occasions it would be nice ot forget them, but maybe we remember them so we can remember them in relation to our good memories. Such as that was bad, but this here was better kind of thing. For instance I remember fighting with my mom, but I remember getting along with her and having a very good laughs and such. Perhaps there is this contrast between the two for a reason.

I feel for you about the having children thing. I know how bad you want a child. I kind of don't agree with abortion, but I believe one has the right to chose. However, I think I am some what confused about it. For instance I wouldn't personaly do it and on the other hand it makes me feel sad that others do it too especially when others desperately want them and on the other hand I think if the child is to be unloved then perhaps its better off. Hopefully anything I have just said hasn't offended you or anything.

Sorry I haven't been responding to your entries. I'll make more of an effort from now on.

Melissa :)

Tristopher said...

Hi Jo,

I think I often think about how confusing the world is myself. Generally the conclusion I reach is that I don't really want to be involved anymore. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting, but as most will know, I'm very lazy when it comes to that kind of stuff.

I get bad memories frequently. Usually, they'll be memories of childhood about times when I was particularly vicious to somebody and then I usually have some kind of weird spasm to get it out of me. Is it like that for you?

By the way, I never said this and I meant to post this a couple of your entries ago, but that night we were cooking and then eating and chatting at my house last time I was in Rocky was probably my favourite experience there. :-)


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