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Jun 21, 2008

Foster Training and Other Serious Business


First week of foster training under our belts: I must say it has been quite interesting!

We have so far learnt about abuse and the effects on a child (check! Already know that!), the reasons why children go into care, and behaviour management. A lot of it was covered in the bits of the Cert 3 I did in high school...

It was quite funny hearing people's reasons to foster the first night: one lady said,(and I quote): "I just love babies". And guess what? She didn't come back again.

I think a lot of people thought going into this that they would get a child that is perfectly normal, with few to no issues. That is not the case, which I am very well aware of: which I have been aware of from the beginning! The chance is high that we will get at least one drug/alchol addicted baby: something which I was aware of from the beginning...but which most people don't get!

I ran into a lady online called Janine who is a foster carer and she has given me some great tips, particularily regarding bonding with babies etc. I have always been a fan of baby slings: I have always found them a very positive tool in bonding: it was exciting to find someone else that supported this. When I do babysit, I am very hands on. I find children relate better when they know that you are there just for them...not because you have to, or that you are too tired to do anything with them etc. Even though tiredness does get the better of me sometimes, I do try to minimise the impact it has on the kids I am looking after!

On other news my computer has decided to fart itself and not re-start! Grr frustration!

Also, Justin's other G'ma has taken a turn for the worst...they are talking about a funeral within the next week: please , God no!


1 comment:

Tristopher said...

Hello Jo,

Sounds like the foster parent program has gone without a hitch so far for you guys. ;-P I agree with what you say about the baby sling -- intimacy and practicality delivered to you without the use of a button!

It makes me think of this technology we were told about once in one of my classes last year called a 'hug shirt' - they're specially wired so that you hug yourself and program the shirt to send the feeling of you hugging yourself to somebody you know also wearing a hug shirt. The people who invented this thing want to invent a similar thing for babies - a blanket that supposedly lets mothers hug them when the mother is wearing a similar shirt, so the mother can go to work and leave the baby at home. Yep, I'm quite sure that 100% of the people present (including myself and the lecturer, who had met the inventors and described them as a tad batty) were well and truly repulsed by the idea. So yes. That's a little rant. I'm quite sure you'd feel the same way.

It sucks about Justin's grandmother. There's already been a death in the family this year, hasn't there? I don't know what to say on the matter, because I'm not really aware of her condition, but my condolences nonetheless.

See you Wednesday! :-P



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