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Jun 9, 2008


Hi All..

I have just added some all new links to my sidebar so have fun...

They are mostly to do with my last post: thought you would find it interesting :)

I highly recommend "Women's Space" especially for you Mum: whilst you may not agree with everything on it, I think you would be able to appreciate where this lady is coming from. Search "quiver full" or "fundamentalist" for articles that may interest you more than others...

And to my dear, dear Amy: I plan to blog about my experiences with the whole fundamentalist side of the church world in coming weeks: mostly because of the fostering process and the fact that they want me to explain my history and how I would use it to help the children we are caring for. I was planning that as a part of that, I would do a simple copy/paste for the less sensitive information. (this is more to protect my mum & brothers: this is a public blog, for all intents and purposes, and they do read it)...


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