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Jun 25, 2008


Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but Leela passed away yesturday...

She got run over by a 4wd ute...and the bustards just chucked her in the back and took off. And I wasn't even home....

My little girl. I only had her for a short while. I just wanted to say goodbye. I just wanted to give her cuddles on her way out of this life...but the bustards couldn't even give me that. I don't even have anything to bury...

My baby...I am sorry I couldn't be there for you. I should have been. Oh my beautiful baby, I am sorry. Oh baby....

You are Mummy's gorgeous, special girl. I am so glad I had you in my life. You made it all worthwhile. You were so, so smart and I was so proud of you. I love you, beautiful girl. You made everyday wonderful and exciting with your endless energy and love.

I hope you're happy where ever you are now. I hope you have all the bones you can ever eat and all the clotheslines to rip clothes off.

Daddy and Mummy will always miss you, honey bunny. You made our lives light up when ever we saw you, wagging your tail. I am going to have to say goodbye baby. I don't want to, but I have to, baby. Oh, I'm sorry, baby. Daddy and I will love you forever. We will never forget you.

Best that I end this now before, I can't see what I am typing anymore. I love you and I am sorry.

Bye beautiful Baby....



Tristopher said...

Hi Jo,

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I'm very sorry this happened. Your entry made me teary. What happened to Leela was unprecedented and sad and it incites me that those people who did it decided not to own up, for what? To save a quick buck or accusations?

But, if there's anything you need, let me know. I hope you're okay.


Finbarpurpleton said...

Hey Joan,

Sorry to hear about Leela. I remember when I lost my dog Heidi I was pretty sad. I thought my mum had her put down by a vet, but then I found out that the guy that ran her over shot her instead.
Like Chris said it's not fair that whomever did this did not own up to it.

Melissa :)


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