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Jun 30, 2008

My thoughts...

Now we are here, just short of a week since Leela passed away.

It hasn't gotten any easier. I keep looking for her: keep expecting her to run up to the front door and yell at me to feed her! When I come home I keep expecting her to jump all over me and drive me absolutely crazy....

I am not sure to get another dog straight away or not. I don't think I will straight away, but I have come to the decision that I would like to get another one at some stage. I am not sure when, but I won't rush it....I have to talk to Justin at some stage about it.

It was extremely hard to tell the babies that Leela was gone. Liam is just getting to the stage where he could understand...and so he helped me pick out a plant for her: Impatience flowers: I thought they were quite appropriate and ironic. She was definately impatient: always wanted everything now! She was always in a rush to get somewhere, and I guess now we know where!

Thankyou to everyone for their sympathies. It is greatly appreciated!

Now to other news...we finished foster training: now we have to finish the workbooks and the interviews. And that is not to say that we won't get a child before then either! But we shall see.

I found training challenging personally and emotionally, but also found it interesting, exciting, and a great learning curve. All in all, the hardest night for me was the night after Leela passed away. I thought that it would be the night where they talked about abuse and it's effects: but no, it was the last night. That is not to say that the abuse night was easy either, but a lot of the information they talked about I knew already from my own research and experience.

One thing I found quite ironic was the fact that they don't like to admit their own mistakes alot: understandable, but still a little grr.

Anyways, must run, my mum and brothers are coming today so must clean the house somewhat! My brother is a clean freak! lol....


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