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Jul 1, 2008


One cold and dreamless night
We danced on snow white clouds of gossamer
Swaying to music unheard
Sliver shoes glimmering
Glimmering against the velvet night

My partner said to me,
Tis funny, this life
A mix of cruel and light
Ironies and sadness
Joy and pain

We danced and danced over hill and dale
Round the tableau that is the world
We saw many things
Saw humanity’s abilities for good
And it’s propensity for bad
We lost many loves to the winds of time and the cruel fate that touches all,
People we knew and loved

But still we danced
Quiet and whole
Perfect in one, one in all
My partner and I,
Silver shoes glittering, spreading hope
One magical night
Caught between heaven and earth
We were sure of our love and peace, safety and strength
We were sure that we would survive, change and grow
As we danced on gossamer clouds

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