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Jul 2, 2008

Fundamentalists Cleaning My House

Hi all,

Found another great article on the actions of the Christian right: it is called "Confronting the Christian right" . Very interesting: it was written by Cheryl Seelhoff: the woman who is the author of Women's Space (see link in sidebar) and who has recently started up a support group for Ex-quiverfull... she is quite a thoughtful womam...and she does know what she is talking about. She ascribes to a very feminist/new age; a perspective which does come through a lot (nothing wrong with that but you know: any perspective can be said to be biased ;-)). But anyways...

Chaotic weekend ahead...3 kids under 3 for 2 nights...eeeek! And I have an event on the same weekend. I am going to have to be very, very organised....Painfully organised. Not something I particularily enjoy: its not really my thing: I prefer semi-chaos ;)...And my house needs some serious help....so I am letting everyone know now that NO ONE can come over Friday (unless it is an emergancy or you are a long lost friend or something ;-))...Jo is going to be in whirlwind mode: not that it is going to matter: it will be perfect Saturday morning, chaos by Saturday night...But oh well, someone has got to do it! And I am sure it will be fun...and sure will show me if I am as good as I think I am ;-)...or not...lol...It will either work or fall to pieces...lol!

Welcome to Jo's Challenge!! Or maybe I should find a good fundie wife to do it for me ;-)!


1 comment:

Jeri said...

Gosh Jo, I hate to come across as the fundy know it all from hell. But I am going to tell you: Cheryl Seelhoff has been re-designing her public self for the last 15 years (since the demise of her absurd magazine, "Gentle Spirit," which was a monstrosity of hyper, almost self-orgiastic submissiveness to men), and now she seems to have struck the right mix of tell-all and New Age self-obsessed feel-good crap.

First of all, even as a fundy, Seelhoff was a nutcase, and I was a fundy going to Bob Jones when I read her. I still remember the lame article in her magazine about how a woman should never meet men's eyes with a direct gaze but should always look down and not hold his gaze. Let me tell you, as a martial artist who then (and now) looks people straight in the eye as an expression of honesty and integrity, I was aghast at such sheer stupidity and the heavy yoke she was putting on women, a yoke not taught in the Bible at all. When I worked at BJU Press, we would read her articles out loud and laugh at them. None of us believed the crap she peddled. There were fundies who did, but we regarded them as "the lunatic fringe."

Years later, when she "came out" after leaving her husband and refusing to return money to subscribers to her canceled magazine, she was sheepish in public about the stupid things she'd written (Several of us communicated online on AOL when they used to have groups) but she never outright acknowledged that she had invented sheer crap and unbiblical nonsense that actually had nothing to do with being a Christian woman. Everybody else was wrong and had put Cheryl into bondage of a silly, sentimental, impossible version of femininity, but you never heard Cheryl acknowledging that she had done the exact same thing with that superstitious, imbecilic magazine that she peddled. She never admitted regret for pandering to barely educated, narcissistic women who wanted to be goddesses simply because they had borne children. Cheryl would admit to having made a mistake, but she has never admitted to participating in the sheer wrongness of it all, of having harmed and damaged young women by imposing such restrictions on them.

Cheryl Seelhoff is a very good writer: hands down. But in her life and her point of view, she has never done wrong. She has only been wronged. Read and enjoy her stuff all you want. But approach her with caution.

Wacko fundyism did not work out for her, and she is merely trying something else these days, after retooling herself. It's a sad truth, and you better get familiar with it: bad people do well in bad religion, but they move on and find niches in other places when the fortunes of bad religion run out. They keep repositioning themselves to get more and more control, and they will say the things that help you firm up some of your own beliefs. They truly are good communicators and facilitators. But in the end, they take control. And they will control you. And snuff out your own free spirit so that they can have sole control of all the light and glory that are being dispensed. So be careful.

Not every woman who calls you sister is actually your sister. And some of us, frowning old prudes that we are, would never dare to harm you as others would, who think they have a right to run over others in their quest for power and identity.


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