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Jul 18, 2008

Gods, Men and Many Beliefs

Dear All,

My lovely Aunt Diana is wonderful inspiration for this post: so three cheers for her! She sent me a whole list of "atheist- based" links, some of which I have added on my side bar.

However, due to the fact that I am using blog tracker, the actual sites/articles won't show up: so I have added them in an entry for the minute, until I get energetic enough to make a new sidebar "box".

The Clash Between Faith and Reason: a video

Truthdig - An atheist manifesto

I personally found these sites very interesting: and yes, I do agree with the arguments that Sam Harris puts out, to a point. I do agree that organised religion is a pain and does create problems, and in the hands of unstable people, can be downright dangerous. That is not to say that I believe that the actual act of believing is bad: just that I believe that when it becomes doctrine and 'the only way' it becomes a bad thing. I also believe people should be provided the information and given a choice.

Take my own personal beliefs for an example. I believe in an ultimate being/power (but as to that being/power is, I don't care: but it is definately not the "Abrahamic God": and probably isn't believed in by anyone else: it's of my own creation, of my own imagination/belief system, and it makes me happy :-) )and I choose NOT to believe in Evolution. This isn't because i think it is false (in fact it MIGHT be true), it just doesn't suit my view of the world (neither does creation for that matter). I would prefer to be suprised and quite honestly, not know. Why do I need to know how our forefathers' were made? I don't particularily care, so I choose not to take sides or align with one perspective or the other. I have read the information, I have been informed as to both sides of the debate, and choose not to side with either, because quite frankly, one side knows too much and the other, not enough, for my tastes. It might change in the future, it might not. The way things are going, with men's voices so prominant from both sides, I doubt I will ever jump completely on either ship.

God, I am fickle!

Jo ;-)

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