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Jul 12, 2008

How quickly things change!

Hi all:

Since announcing we have applied to be foster carers, someone has already come up to see if we would be willing to take on a 15yr old and a 17yr old (they are not associated with DOCS, just someone we know who knows these kids). Now I am open to this but I am not sure: for one thing they would be barely 3 years younger than I am!

But in saying that, I am willing to consider it, even for a couple of weeks. These kids need my help and if it helps prevent a possible abusive situation, then I am willing for a 3 week trial period. If it doesn't work out, then we would ask DOCS to place them in other foster homes. But we shall see.....I am yet to meet them etc.



Tristopher said...

Hey Jo, you've been an efficient little blogger in the last week, so I'm going to comment on several of your entries in one go:

List of books: Heheh, now I have an incentive to write! ;-)

Melissa Entry: Wonderful stuff -- you guys have THE most unique friendship I've ever been witness to and whatever it might contain, it's endured a lot.

Infertility Musings: Interesting stuff... although personally I think there's a large degree of childishness in everybody except people like mothers, who have to care and manage a large group of people of varying ages. We're weird when it comes to "the right time".

Thoughts: Poetic. Existential... I don't know what else to say, since it would be better to discuss in conversation.

Change: Interesting development. Are you accepting?

Hope you're okay!!

Tristopher said...

Oh yeah, and thanks a bunch for putting the photos up -- a good lot. :-P


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