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Jul 9, 2008




This is meant to be a positive, meaningful piece on my memories of a particular person. It's not meant to bring defamation to Melissa, CQU or Rockhampton. I apologise if anyone, including the person this was written about, was offended. This was not my intent!

Jo Palmes


Hi All,

God I am getting good...two blogs, in two days! wow!

It's Scary!

Anyways my dear friend Melissa is leaving to go back home in a couple of days: so I thought I would share a few memories, make a little dance and share a little love!

I meet Melissa nearly 2 and a half years ago now. I walked into a very dark Unit 25, Unilodge, and there she was! Quiet as a mouse, in a dark house! Little was I to know how much my two flatmates were to change my life. One of course, was my lovely Justin and the other was "Mel" as I instantly christened her (Sorry Melissa, but you know: I'm evil!).

Melissa I would have to say, is one of the most interesting people I have ever had the privilege to meet. She had tremendous guts to move countries, leave everything she knew, and come to a city and university that, lets face it, isn't the best and brightest that Australia, has to offer. But still she came.

Whilst on the surface, she may appear all quite and withdrawn, she's not! She is not afraid to say what she thinks, and can be a downright bitch sometimes! But she is always there for you, and she has been a great support, when all the chips have been down for me personally.

I remember us spending time together, and promising to both get a Masters... I remember us swimming in the Unilodge pool together, having a tremendous time! I remember us fighting like cats and dogs, and people calling us sisters because apparently we look alike or something! (Even though we could never see it!)

I remember dinner parties, birthday parties and picnics on Mount Archer when we ran riot, becoming Cannibals!

You are an extremely special person to me and Justin. You were there from the start of our relationship, and put up with the bedroom sounds (even if for only approximately 2 weeks)!

I remember partying with you, and kissing you on a dare! I remember dancing with you all night dressed as naughty school girls! We always had fun, no matter how much we fought. I only hope you had as much fun as I did!

So, byes Melissa! Hope you live it up when you get home and show the rest of Canada how Australians party!

Your sister and partner in crime!

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