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Jul 16, 2008

New Doggy Woggy!

Hi all!

I would like to introduce Akira: the newest member of the family :-) Akira means intelligent, bright and clear: and yes it is a boy's name: but I liked it, so there: she is stuck with it!

Yes I know we said we would wait, but ah well: I think she was meant to be. We got her from Capricorn Animal Aid: We thought it was fitting and that Leela would have wanted that. She obviously has been abused by a male, as she does cower around them: and for a little while there, she would get nervous around the stairs (another possible abuse?) and would not come upstairs unless Justin or I carried her up, and would shake whenever she was in the house: she was much better this morning: maybe because Justin wasn't around?!?!

Akira is as dark as Leela was light: She is a quiet little thing, and entertains herself quite well. As much as Leela was energetic, Akira is quiet! I keep expecting destroyed backyard etc: hasn't happened yet. And Sprinkles loves her: you can't see it in those pics, but she is sitting right behind her (I would have taken one, but my camera had nearly run out of battery!)! She is really well behaved in the house: Leela used to careen around and would have little widdles because she was so excited to be in the house.

You may notice that in some of the pics she has some skin problems: don't worry: all they require is weekly injections (which co-incidently are covered by the CAA: their fee also covers desexing and any catchup vaccinations!) and some extra love and attention: just like the rest of her! And don't you love her gorgeous little collar!


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