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Jul 12, 2008

Reply to Jeri

Dear Jeri,

Well, first, thankyou for for commenting! I love getting feedback!

Ok...so firstly to my background, so you can kinda begin to understand where I am coming from. I grew up in a conservative fundie cult where Bob Jones was considered bordering on "worldly"...we were more into the Ezzos/ John MacArthur fundamentalism...Used Rod & Staff homeschooling material etc: and therefore, I think we would have been considered the "lunatic fringe" you were referring to!

Another thing, I don't have direct contact with Cheryl Seelhoff...I have only ever read a very small number of her articles, and it was those articles that I recommended, and even then with a warning of bias. And to be fair, I also have recommended your site in the past, and you have also had a link in my sidebar for quite some time among many other different points of "ex-fundie" point of view! I am a communications/journalism/media law student, so I am very aware of bias and how to balance it to the best of my ability!

I am also very aware of the ability of religion to drag in "bad people". My father and several of his buddies (all elders, I must add) in the fundie church we attended, were all abusive emotionally, physically and sexually. We have become more aware over time of the control that the church gave these terrible men...thus my choice to no longer be ANY church's member or even to believe in the Abrahamic God.

And I think, quite honestly and nothing against you, that everyone makes mistakes, and that some mistakes are just bigger than others: what matters to me is that people wake up and realise that fundamentalism isn't right and is down right dangerous, particularily in the more extreme forms. Least both of you woke up and realised what was going on.


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Jeri said...

Jo, thanks for the reply! I just don't want another young woman sucked into anything that will do her harm down the road. I have seen far too much of that, and it's only been recently for me (hence my sensitivity towards it) that I have fully realized that predators are in every stratum of life and every occupation, not just the bad guys of bad religion. I think bad religion is exceptionally dangerous. But idealistic and happy young people, certainly, are the favored targets of con men and con women and other predators, no matter where they set up their dens. And it is true, that once con men and com women get found out in one religion, they just switch to another and start over. You're very open and cheerful, and that is a wonderful thing! I like it and other people like it! I just wish sharks didn't like it as well. Take care, be wise, and God bless you.


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