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Jul 9, 2008


On the outer,
In the inner,
Twirling, ever twirling,
Trying to find my place,
Who is friend?
Who is foe?
Who cares?
Who gives a crap about Jo?
Am I to be forgotten among a sea of faces?
Friend to be
On the inner
On the outer
What am I to be?
What am I now?
What is to be my impact, footprint
On this earth that makes no sense
That pushes me down as quick as I get up
I hope I will be remembered for kindness
Or will I be remembered as a loud mouthed know-it-all
Who couldn't keep to herself
And invited herself to everything
Some days I just don't know
I am in a well with no end and no beginning
Holding my head above water
But for how long?

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