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Sep 16, 2008

Fighting this thing we call life.....

Dear All,

Long time no blog entry, I know: and it's my bad. I missed "spilling my thoughts on the virtual page"!

Ummm...okay...so where to start?

Well lets get the bad news over and done with shall we?

I have been more or less officially diagnosed with Crohns Disease...google it if you want to know what it is in detail (this is a really good site: About Crohns : but essentially it is an auto-immune disease! Yep, that's right ppl: my body is attacking itself (ahh shucks, I knew all that self hate would come out some time lol)... So yes: I think I have had it for quite some time: maybe a year or more: I have just had a flare-up because of all the stress I have been under lately!

And what stress, you may ask?

Well beyond all the side effects that come with this disease, my father decided in his infinte wisedom to apply for parole. All good and well, but I don't want him to get it: I want him to stay were he is: I don't even want the chance that he could approach me or any of my family members...I was just starting to live again and now all this happens: bang! Out of nowhere. To make matters worse, this isn't something that I can take a magic pill or have surgery to fix: I am stuck with it forever: and I don't want to even think about Guy getting out...I just hope the parole board listen to my submission: and realise how much of a monster he really is underneath his apparent normalacy.

Ummmm...it's turning out to be a very, very bad year...

But hopefully, next year things will be better: Justin and I have had a thought, which would be magic if it could happen: it would be nice to have a happy event after this year....I won't say what is quite yet...But we will be hopefully telling everyone at some point in the next months, after which I will announce it here in the "cyber world". I just hope my family doesn't flip out: and understands why we have chosen to do it now and not in a few years the way we had planned (and to be honest I more scared of Justin's parents reaction, not my own family, because as a rule they are very good about supporting my decisions, with a few interjections)! And no, it is not a baby. Ummm...and I better go now, before I spill the beans! lol....

Lots of love to all,

Am missing Melissa, Amy and Chris like crazy :-(




Lidia said...

Hi Jo!

I googled Crohns disease and it sounds horrible :-( I really hope everything goes ok... and a least you had it diagnosed at an early age before it may have gotten out of control.

About your dad, I hope he doesn't get parole... didn't he just go to jail last year or so? Whatever the outcome I know you are strong enough to fight it and not let it get you down. Remember you are on your way to your own family :-)

And what is this big news?? I'm dying now :-P


Doctor Dark said...

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Jo!

First things first, welcome back to blogging, I'm happy that you've returned. Although, the subject matter is not nice. I know a little bit about Crohn's disease, the singer Anastacia suffered from it and that's how I learned of it. I agree with Amy, it's better to have it diagnosed sooner than later.

I also agree with both you and Amy on your dad applying for parole. It's exceedingly depressing that he's able to do that so early into his imprisonment. I also hope that he remains behind bars. I've started to understand the severity and the extent of the suffering victims of people like him undergo over lifetimes. This kind of thing is what wearies me about this thing we call life; sounds like it has the same effect on you.

Stop the world, we want to get off!!

By the way, I'm coming back to Rocky next week for about a week and a half (I'm having a tooth pulled on Friday and mum mentioned an anaesthetist or however you spell that :-S) so we shall definitely be exchanging presences.

As you know (or might not) I love and support you. I also believe that since you were able to lift yourself out of those circumstances you will be able to get through this, especially since you're no longer under the same influences/control.


Finbarpurpleton said...

Hi Jo,

Sorry to hear about you being sick. I agree with both Amy and Chris on this one.

That makes me upset to know that your father is being released. It's unfair.

Life can be amazingly challenging and throw a few unexpected things at us, but it is the ability to bounce back that makes the difference. I know you can do it.

Melissa :)

Janine said...

Jo good to hear from you again. Hope the rest of the year improves for you, and look forward to hearing your surprise news,


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