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Oct 21, 2008

Life's Little Upsets!

Well, it's official: after being rushed to hospital 3am Monday morning, I need surgery...They think I have intermittent bowel obstruction: something which we always knew might happen, but that we had hoped would postpone itself to a more convenient time! But this is real life: and on the whole, a great deal of my life has not been very convenient.

So goeth me towards a bowel re-section. A little snip, snip and a quick re-seal and I should be set for at least a while: here's to hoping, anyways.

So there I am: and now, on to something else that I wish to clear up...

Yes, I am well aware family members do read this blog: and thankyou for doing so: I truly appreciate it!

In saying that however....there are a few things that have to be really clear: firstly this is my blog to express my thoughts, opinions, feelings etc. It's not here to make everyone happy: it's my pressure-release valve on days when I get really overloaded. Nevertheless, I welcome debate, and others' thoughts and opinions: I just want everyone to be aware that this blog is all about my thoughts of the world: that is indeed why it is called "Musings of a Princess": it's not called "Princess Making Everyone Happy"! If you have a problem with something I wrote, let me know: call or email me: the majority of my family have my home number and email addy...So use it!

Love to all,



Lidia said...

Hey Jo!

I hope your surgery goes well and I really hope you are on the road to recovery :-)

About your blog, I agree with you. Write what you think. Life isn't about making everyone happy, because there is no way possible you can make everyone happy.

Hope all is well!


Doctor Dark said...

A 3am visit to the hospital? That sounds stressful, once again. I really hope this nightmare is over for you soon...

I also agree with Amy (don't I always?). I envy that you can say that kind of thing on your blog about writing what you think. I'm often worrying about what kinds of people are going to my blog, what topics are acceptable, what's not... I never knew expressing one's innermost thoughts could come with such external pressure!

Will be seeing you in a couple of months ;->


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