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Oct 25, 2008

New Links!

Hi All!

I am playing around with my blog again: and have decided to swap around my sidebar a little bit: separating the links into the below groups:

* Ex-fundie/Ex-Quiverfull Sites: I have found a brillant piece on the pyschological profile of the "usual" fundamentalist: an interesting read...So have added it to my list!

* Infertility Support Sites

* Infertility/ Fostering Blogs: I have thrown in a few more links to various blogs I read frequently: a shout out to these most excellent women!

* Crohn's Disease Support Sites: I am going to begin to collate a list of various sites that I (and others) have found helpful!

* Political hilarity and commentary: this is just for my own personal enjoyment: hopefully it proves to be thought provoking as well ;-)

* Friendly Bloggers: Woohoo! Friends: You are on the tracker! You are being watched!

Interestingly most people that get re-directed to my blog from Google are looking for information on fundie groups and/or ex-fundie groups. It is suprisingly hard to find online information on these topics that is helpful, so that is why I have tried to assemble all my research in a more easy to find fashion, so that visitors to my blog don't have to read the entire thing to find what they want!!

Tell me what you think!


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