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Nov 9, 2008

Relief! Finally!

Hi all,

Well, I think we can class the surgery a success! No more dehabilitating pain or tiredness...

For the first time in ages I don't feel depressed: it's wonderful....and it's like having a huge burden taken off my shoulders: tis lovely...

I think a big part of my relief is getting out of Rocky: I am staying out at Banana/Moura to recouperate for next few weeks: I will back in Rocky at the end of the month. Staying out here I dont have to worry about much: everything is taken cared of for me, which is so lovely....Ummm...it's like a holiday: with the added bonus that I am feeling better than I have in years...

For my part, I think life is going well for once...And I am so, so happy!

Love to all!


Sassy said...

I'm glad you're feeling so much better. Take care.

Doctor Dark said...

Hey Jo!

Great news! I'm really glad that the operation went well! I'll be back in December and so will you! :-P

Have fun in Moura/Banana,


Finbarpurpleton said...

Glad your feeling better Jo!

Melissa :)

Janine said...

Pleased to hear things are going well now. Hope life gets back to 'normal' for you now.


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