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Nov 30, 2008

Whose that blog?

I am considering...
I am thinking...
Indeed, I am living...

I was looking back over every single blog entry I have written...The moments I have caught on virtual record: how I have changed and grown...

A lot of it has to do with confidence: the ability to open, confide and express confidently for the longest time never came easy to me... However it seemed, once I was on a roll, I could converse freely. They say blog writing is therapy: I agree: particularly for me any sort of writing has been therapy. I think it always will be.

I am amazed at how my writing style and maturity levels have changed over the 2+ years this blog has been going. I am amazed too, at the passion, pain, confusion and love expressed on these virtual pages of memories. I love how my blog has caught the things change and grow, or that have withered and died in my life.

But yet, I am in awe of the wonderful people I have met through this blog: people sharing different parts of the journey, but aiming for similar things. These fantastic people have celebrate and mourned with me, and fought for me when I had nothing left to give. Why me? I don't know, but I am truly blessed.

I hope this blog has given hope to people that have none: I hope it makes them smile, laugh, cry and frown...My life has never taken one specific path like just infertility, or just surviving child abuse, or just Crohn's Disease, or just depression, politics or any other number of issues. My life has been bent and twisted, but I wouldn't trade it. I hope that my readers can see that above all, the message from my blog is simply that life is so worth living.

My blog however, will always give ever so much more to me. After all it is about me, so the only one that can fully "get it" is me. So, in that light, it can be said to be the greatest therapy that I will ever receive or participate in.

I hope you can hear my heart cry and rejoice in this blog, all my anonymous and known readers. I would like to hear from all you Americanites who visit here on regular basis, and in fact whoever visits here full stop that I don't know. You know all about me, so it is only fair I know about you. Let us share, learn and live...


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