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Dec 13, 2008

Christmas and Babies

Well...I went to a friend's house today and got a surprise: an entire 6 day old baby...so beautiful, but still a shock. I knew she was pregnant but I had thought the baby was due towards the end of this month. Well hello! It's here!

It made me feel like crying...holding this little 8+ pound beautiful angel (applause for her brave (& first-time) Mama), rocking her to sleep and snuggling with her. Her little fist wrapped around my fingers. Babies are such spiritual experiences, but they make me feel so torn. I want to have at least one of my own. I want to know what it is like to hold that child and know that she is mine and mine alone (and well, Justin's as well)and that I won't have to hand them back to somebody and return to my empty house.

Speaking of my empty house. I have decorated fit for a king. Or fit for us, the dog, cat and bird...I wish I could join child to that list. But I can't. But it's full of Christmas spirit!

Dining Room

Dining Room curtains: of which I am particularly proud :)

Living room with tree

Dog & Cat Stocking
: I know, how sad am I??

Ahh well, my house is beautiful and I love Christmas.


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