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Dec 5, 2008

Wedding Bells and other interesting stuff: well, to me mostly!

Hi all,

Well, the long and short of it is that we are getting hitched regardless. His parents be damned. Life is too short to live to other people's expectations. Heck, I probably go too far the other way and constantly use shock and awe tactics to leave any shred of expectation in tatters.

By the same token, we love them...just find their actions repulsive, strange, and more than a bit hypocritical and two-faced...lol...and they are probably saying the same thing about us...lol...

So on with the wedding!

I have been in frantic mode, trying to organize this day into some order and at least an image of what we want. And for the moment, I seem to be succeeding. Who would have thought we'd be organizing a wedding in under a month?? Not me, thats for sure. The colour theme is blue, white and silver.

Now my problem of late has been deciding what music to play. Now most of you know I am a music nut: and like pretty much everything...including stuff with swear words etc. At the moment the song list for the wedding ceremony and afterwards is full of lots of different stuff: 50's, 60's, 70's, songs from musicals, modern stuff etc. My problem is this: I have some songs that Justin and I like that have either quite sexual themes or swearwords (or both): I just don't know whether they would offend people at the reception or not (they would not be played loud, just background stuff). What do you guys think??

And thanks to all the people that have expressed an interest in coming: we would love it if you could make it. The more, the merrier. To be surrounded in love is a great gift, one that we realise the preciousness of, and are very thankful for. Love is after all, the reason for this event.


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