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Jan 2, 2009

12 dreams, 12 things to let go of....12 months

These are my dreams for this next year.

1. Get married in Brisbane surrounded by the people I love.

2. Have a baby that is all mine and whom I don't have to give back to somebody.

3. Laugh more, hope more.

4. Have a completely healthy year without a single Crohn's flare.

5. Find a job and become more financially stable.

6. Sponsor a child and give more to good charities.

7. To get into more of a routine with housework.

8. Entertain more.

9. Successfully cook a Souffle or anything I have been too nervous to try yet.

10. Learn how to cope with the in-laws better.

11. Read more, learn more.

12. Find good homes for the kittens.

Things I need to let go of this year.

1. My depression.

2. My fears.

3. My worry.

4. My stress.

5. My sadness over not having a child of my own.

6. The "why me" question.

7. My way of thinking that says "everyone is better than me at everything". It's not
helping me!

8. My guilt.

9. My past.

10. My jealousy.

11. My bitterness.

12. My slackness.


Finbarpurpleton said...

Hi Jo,

Those are some good resolutions.

Lidia said...

Hey Jo! This is what I love about new years :-)I think you'll achieve all of these things if you set your mind to it! And if it is not this year, than it will be years after! You will definitely achieve all of them, regardless of the timeframe ;-)


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