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Jan 20, 2009

It happened...

Hi All,

Well...After an exhausting week, the deed is done. As of Saturday, I am now married to Justin for better, worse and for lunch. It was just wonderful, but flew by too fast. The reception was gorgeously decorated thanks to my wonderful cousin Allison and my bridesmaids Ana & Amy. Their talents certainly shone through: you are some special girls!

I couldn't think of a better, more hopeful world to be married in. It coincided so nicely with the election/inauguration of Obama, someone whom I think, will change the world and will bring about a complete 360 degree turn from where we were with nincompoop Bush at the helm. We both got up at the crack of dawn (about 2 am) today just to watch, to be inspired and to celebrate what has finally occurred. I won't be ashamed to say I cried as I watched him walk through Washington. It is a moment in time that I won't certainly forget in a hurry: I am just so glad that Justin & I sacrificed a bit of sleep, because the reward was priceless.

Here are some photos for you to pour over...at the moment I have only edited the "bride & groom" shots but promise that I will put up more when I get "there". Editing does take a little while on my slow, old Mac... I wish I could edit it on Justin's new, fast PC, but ahhh well: I only have/use Mac photoshop/Iphoto so I can't transfer it, otherwise I would do it in a jiffy! Now I am wishing he got a Mac...Hmmm...

Here they are:


Stacie said...

Congratulations! Beautiful pictures!

In Due Time said...

Congratulations!! :-)

siscaboo said...

Congratulations on your marriage.

The pictures are beautiful!

wheresmy2lines said...

Wow, such stunning pics!



Dee said...

Congratulations on your marriage. The photos are beautiful!

Thanks for dropping by to "visit" Annabelle. We just adore her already!


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