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Jan 27, 2009

It's official

It's official....we are moving on 2 weeks notice.

It's not possible.

No funds to move.

In so much debt.


I sure I will survive.

I have always before.

Just the moment is difficult.

Reality sucks.

Hope, thoughts, and ideas would be helpful people.



the misfit said...

(1) Hope: my best girlfriend just had to move on almost no notice. She might have had two weeks' notice, but she's in school, stressed, and in a rough place in her life right now. And she sort of had a mental block against packing. When I got there Saturday, she had ONE box packed. She and I packed Saturday. The boys came Sunday to move. Sunday night at 6:00, the move was done - she left behind a broom to clean the house. That was two days, and she had a lot of stuff (think 3BR townhouse with a basement). YOU CAN DO THIS. Get a sister or a good girlfriend to help with the packing (keep the boys out of the way until large objects have to be moved!)

(2) Thoughts and ideas - OK, moving on a budget. If you can move not on a weekend, your local post office has a Budget truck rental coupon for 15% off. If it's a weekend, you can still get 10% off. Also check whether they have internet deals. Get boxes from the grocery store - call and ask what date and time they do their shipments. Liquor stores have the best boxes for books. Stop throwing away newspapers etc. now so you can use them for dishes. (FTR, I have moved a LOT.)

(3) Another money-saving idea - you don't want to pay the outrageous "insurance" fee for the rental truck, but they'll bleed you dry if you scratch it without the insurance. If you have an American Express card, call AmEx BEFORE you move and ask them about their insurance. It's very inexpensive (less than 1/10 what the moving company's will cost).

And, if you have to pay your movers in food, don't forget Lit.tle Cae.sar's $5 hot and ready pizza deal (no, they don't pay me, that's just a good price for convenient pizza).

the misfit said...

ohh...I missed the Australia part! I have been trying to get myself not to read entire blogs or I will never keep up with ICLW. Now I will go back and read :).

I don't understand though...you're moving and you don't know WHERE? I know I would worry about the animals too! Sounds like it will be an adventure!

Finbarpurpleton said...

Hi PJ,

So sorry to here this Jo. I hope everything works out for you.

Melissa :)

littleangelkisses said...

Oh my! I cannot imagine getting everything together to move on such short notice.

Good luck!!


Lidia said...

Two weeks?!! Is it possible you can try unilodge again? At least you know the people over there.... don't worry, I'm sure you can survive as well! It always works out....

Hmm... other ideas... I know this is a weird one, but maybe moving in with Justin's parents for a while? Or a close friend? That seems to be the best solution, there are always people around who have a spare room!

Those are all I have for now but I hope everything goes ok!



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