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Jan 12, 2009

Light Gone Out


A friend has left.
Taking the lights of my life with them
Yet I did nothing wrong.
What did I do?

Why can't life just let me be
I worked so hard
On ensuring their safety
But to be accused:
Of something which I am so staunchly against.
A girl-child in my care being changed, bathed or dressed,
By Justin?
Hell no.
I have checks & balances all through my day
To ensure that only I am the one
To Change, bath and dress her

I didn't lie.
I think he was just confused.
He is young, too young.
To be caught in the middle.
So I will bow out graciously.
Trying not to miss them
Their smiles, hugs and laughter
My contact with the world of baby's gurgles.

I am sorry
That it had to end this way
With confusion and pointed fingers
I love you babies,
All three
I hope you won't miss me
That you quickly forget

But know I will always remember
You three
Lights of my life


Lidia said...

Did something happen with Vicky? That's horrible :-( I hope you patch things up ;-) Looking forward to the wedding!

Finbarpurpleton said...

Hey Jo,

What happened? Is everything OK?

Melissa :)


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