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Feb 22, 2009

Presents and Facts

Hi All,

Well I have been here for 2 days so far, and it's been lovely. My cousin James, has stopped obsessively playing computer games so that means we can actually communicate. I have always really appreciated his kindness.

Akira is having a wow of a time out at Bryan's playing with his dog, and without fail, I would imagine she will be having a wow of a time getting dirty.

An interesting side note in the saga of the in-laws. They just bought me an antique "something" (haven't got it yet) for my 21st (this Sunday!) basically to soothe my feelings. Trying to buy me much? I do have a weakness for antiques (which they know). I just wish they didn't do it to appease me as such. I would have just appreciated the gift. I would have appreciated even more if they had simply just stopped interfering in my marriage: instead of any antique, expensive present.

Just my thoughts.

And I am approaching the big 2-1. Wow. 1st of March = 21 years on earth. So much to achieve. So much to forget. So much to enjoy. Moments in time.

When my birthday gets a little closer, I will share some moments. Celebrate them.


1 comment:

sassy said...

I read the other post (about your in-laws and the apartment) and, wow, that really sucks. I have a family member that often tries to buy me as well,it's awful. With ago I've learned to set boundaries but that doesn't stop the from trying to manipullate. Good for you for standing up for yourself. I hope things work out okay...


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