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Feb 17, 2009



Yep, I have decided to hop on the ICLW bandwagon for the second time.

To be frank, I wasn't going to: not after the month we had. Losing our house. Losing friends. I didn't think I would be emotionally prepared for all the commenting, and the effort, care and thought that goes into each comment I write.

And then I realised, that is exactly why I need to do it all again. I needed the support. I needed the kind words of virtual strangers, just as reassurance that I am not alone. I needed to do it for myself, too. I needed to keep doing 'normal' things because if I didn't, I would be concentrating on the parts of my world that were/are falling apart, instead of the things that are staying the same, and remaining stable for me. And that too, whilst all the craziness is going on and regardless of how emotionally bankrupt I feel right now, I still have something to give: my comments.

I know last time round all your comments helped and were a wonderful support mechanism for me when I was going through all that stuff with the mother-in-law. I hope I can offer the same in return this month.

Love, Jo


Ellen K. said...

Hi, Jo, sorry I missed the move/redesign! Hope you are doing well despite what sounds like a lot of stressful changes.

Bluebird said...

Hey sweet girl. . . here from ICLW, and it just seemed most appropriate to comment on this post. It sounds like you have been through so, so much lately. I can't imagine.

What struck me the most though was your introduction, your "read at your own risk" note, if you will. I just wanted to say that this sounds like such a good decision. Of course it could get sticky with family and etc.! But, in my opinion, the greatest benefit from blogging comes when I am brutaly honest. I hope you're able to be honest and that such honesty will help lift some of the weight from your shoulders.


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