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Mar 10, 2009

Ignorance is Ignorance, and I happen to like it.

Hi All,

Welcome to Jo's world once again.

In this episode of Jo's world, Jo is going to discuss about how she feels she is an impostor in the place which is supposed to be her own home.

The flat that isn't hers.

That reeks of thoughtlessness.

That she can't stand to be in.

That is everything she didn't want.

That makes her lonely.

And depressed.

But I stay. Because of him. Because of the man I married, whom was my first in almost everything.

Regardless of the fact that my heart breaks for my baby Akira.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the decisions he made and why he made them.

I just resent the fact I wasn't part of the process.

I resent the fact that his mother was more involved than I was. Regardless of geographical details, I am his wife. Therefore I should get priority.

I resent the fact that people said that I should go back simply because I am married. I understand I am married, but that does not mean I have to go running back, nor accept his lack of foresight in decision making.

People have always made judgments on my life. This is something I have accepted: for the longest time. But now? I am getting sick of it. There are some out there whom do not, and I thank them for it. This is a warning to everyone here, now. Give me my space. Let me judge my own life. God only knows, I already beat myself up every day for whatever failings I have made. I don't need any help. I don't need the guilt trips. I already know. I just happen to like the ignorance for the most part.


1 comment:

Jendeis said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm here, wishing you comfort and peace.


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