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Mar 4, 2009

The Storm Clouds Have Come.

Hi All,

Well, my life is splashed across the front page of the local newspaper. Again.

Yes, I suing DOCS. Why? Because of their blatant mishandling of my case. Because I (and my family) deal with the repercussions of their ignorance and foolish decisions every day. And that's not fair on any of us.

Regardless, I hadn't known what day it had went to court. Or that it was going to be in the newspapers.

I didn't even know for sure whether it had went ahead. And now I find out that I suing for $500,000. Something which I was never even looking for: all I wanted was an apology, and enough to cover my legal expenses.

And this affects my poor family. And I am so sorry for that. But something needed to be done. If it wasn't now, it would have happened at some other stage. I left it for as long as I could.

Damn my father. Damn all their incompetence. Because now, everything I touch turns to dust. Everything I fight for gets pulled away. And I want everything I can't have. What did I do? Why me? Out of all the people in the world...why me?

This hurts. And it sux right now. I feel so alone, even though I know I am not.



Doctor Dark said...

Hi Jo,

I feel the same way at the moment, albeit for reasons that are infinitely trivial in comparison to what's going on for you.

Be strong.


Lidia said...

Hey Jo,

I just sent you a message on Facebook before I read this - it sucks that you just woke up one day and found a private matter on the front page. That isn't fair. And it's definitely not fair what DoCS did. But hopefully the best comes out of it - you deserve it!



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