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Mar 2, 2009

Talents & Love Stories

You know, how that in life sometimes, you come across people whom make you happy without even trying? The people with whom you instantly connect, regardless of circumstances? The people you can tell anything to?

Justin has always had that talent. We still fight and bitch about each other. It's really funny because people think that in that aspect at least, I have had a "fairy tale" love story. Which isn't strictly true. Yes, within 3 weeks of being together Justin wanted to marry me. It took me far longer than that to come to that decision, that Justin was right for me. Many people think I rushed into my marriage etc, but the facts of the case are that Justin was far more interested in marriage far before I ever was. It was not a decision that I rushed into in any way (even though to many people it did appear that way): in fact, it took almost another 3 years after that first proposal for us to get married (and yes, he did propose a second time about a year after we started dating).

Many of my friends have that talent too. But then, they are all so very talented in a lot of things, this doesn't surprise me. It still vaguely amuses me how artistic all my friends are. Nearly all are musical, some are superb wordsmiths, and still others are fabulous designers in fashion or interior decorating. I have been truly blessed with my friends.

Then there is my family: some of whom I am really close to, some are very distant, and yet others come and go with the tides of time. And with all of them you go through different stages of communicating, or learning, with each other. It's been lovely, because for the past week or two I have been spending some time with my cousin James. James and I are getting closer as we are getting older: maybe because we can relate to each other better. Whatever it is, it's just been a very comfortable falling into together: a healing experience as well.


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