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Apr 20, 2009

Pleasure, Pain: Events of a Life

Hi All,

It's me again....

I have been thinking about the what ifs a lot lately. What ifs about my life in particular...sigh. It's an a fine line between pleasure and pain, and I have strayed to the pain side, the dark side if you will, more times than I am willing to admit...

What if the events that cause me to stray from the pleasure path never happened? And that my dear readers is the $500,000 question. Would I be saner? Yes, I think I would be. Would those few quick changes to my life story change me as person? Well, absolutely: I doubt I would know the realms of strength I posses: I doubt too, whether I would be as appreciative as I am of my family. I think too that I would have been perhaps been more on top of everything in my life. When your focus is elsewhere, it is very hard to focus on the here and now: which as you can imagine has had some huge repercussions....

But notwithstanding all of that, I have been dealt a set of hands...some by myself, some by others. And its up to me to work it out now..


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