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May 5, 2009


Mothers Day, huh?

I was going to write about mother's and the roles they have played in my life...And yes I do mean they...

I have my biological mother, of course: a woman I love deeply and yes, am proud of: particularly of late for her shows of independance and strength and for stopping a cycle of abuse in her own life that has been running for too many years... She is a fantastically intelligent woman. She has always attempted to give me the best of life and of her: and I will always appreciate and respect that. Whatever else may happen, she will always be my mother...and I love her for filling that role so very capably.

Then there is my Auntie Trish...a very maternal, loving woman...whose arms are always open and whom always listens. She has always stepped up to the plate whenever I have needed her...what more can I say? I love her a lot. She is a talented woman, my rock and strong place.

Last, but definately not least is my Grandma....a woman whom birthed and cared for 7 children. An amazingly talented organiser and woman, I can only wish I could be as half as organised as her. She has always been there for me....and oh! How I appreciate it!


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