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Jun 28, 2009

Regular Scheduling

Hi All,

Well I could I could write a big thing about the "loss" of Michael Jackson, but honestly? He never had much of an impact on me growing up: nonchristian music being banned and all (but we did listen to ABBA: go figure). I think my Mum before she moved into Christianity liked the Jackson 5 and some of MJ's solo stuff (at least: she might still: do you Mum?). But, his death did shock me. I will admit that I thought he would live (more likely be preserved) for forever.

But on to the regular scheduling (which is sadly missing from our televisions at the moment: its all MJ):

There has been some interesting talk on No Longing Quivering (and to a lesser degree on Free Jinger) about whether the adult abuser in a fundamentalist and/or christian family can be an actual "Christian". A commenter called "rejoice" writes:

As a matter of fact, it is very sad, more than sad, that this character type of
a man has been associated with a Christian husband/father. It simply is not
true. Most of America claims to be Christian. Following Christ is the definition
of a Christian...not a harsh, unloving, arragant demanding man.

I must point out to "rejoice" and others that share that opinion that these are men that for all intents and purposes, do follow Christ. Apart from their "abusive" side, these are men that know their doctrine and follow it, to the extreme many times. Yours is a faith that preaches forgiveness: a doctrine I, and many others, followed in dealing with these men: were told by the church to follow in dealing with these men, in fact. I am not saying that these men didn't use the biblical doctrine for their own purposes at times, but they also honestly believed in Christ/Jesus, the Bible alone, etc. If you were to meet them on the street, without knowing the full picture, or during one of their "forgiveness periods", you would say that they were fantastic Christians, that they embodied the way Christ turns around lives etc.

As for the association remark: NLQ is filled with similar stories: all men, whom for all intents and purposes, were (acted like) Christians but whom in the privacy of their homes turned into psychopaths, narcissists etc. There is a patten there, seeping under the surface of families that appear to have escaped the "dark belly of the beast" and have lived the quiverfull/fundamental ideal sucessfully.

The scary, uncontrollable thing, that all of us at both NLQ and FJ are fighting against, is the insidious way that these men work, and the way that the "extreme end" of Christianity allow them to, often without any major consequences until it is too late.


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