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Aug 2, 2009

Aromatherapy, Autism and Marriage.

Hi All,

Firstly I would to say to the justice system: you really have no idea. My mother needs and deserves a DVO...get a grip.

I have been doing a lot of reading of late. Fascinating, interesting books. Books to extend my knowledge of life, of the world.

This particularly hit me: (my aha moment as Oprah would say):

We think sometimes love can move mountains and I suppose it can sometimes.
But love is not effective against those truly without souls, the deeply damaged, the corrupted. It is naive and dangerous to think so. So anyone who
tries to rescue through marriage those who are beyond rescue has jumped in
the beast's cage and can't be surprised when he or she becomes lunch....

The question, the big question is why so many otherwise sane souls marry
with such an unerring eye for disaster? There is of course the rescue in
which we think we will find ourselves in reclaiming someone else. We think
the hard drinker, the angry man or woman will melt in our arms and become
transformed by our goodness. Behind that delusion lies another: we may really believe that only a damaged person whom we will serve dutifully would
have us.

Married: Anne Roiphe

Not that I necessarily think that this relates to my own marriage per se (even though I am sure certain parts of that perspective do: but I think that goes for any relationship), but I do think it sums up my parents marriage rather well.

I have also have read Jenny McCarthy's book : "Mother Warriors": a book about autism, it's links to vaccines and avenues for recovery...interesting and something I will research further.

Coincidentally, today I had my first aromatherapy/massage session. The therapist, Pauline, proved to be fascinating woman: whom as soon as I mentioned my autoimmune disease (Crohn's Disease) brought up autism (she has a son with it) in regards to our future children. I in turn pulled out "Mother Warriors" and said: yes, I know: (Mother Warriors mentions the collation between the two: a family history of auto immune disease and vaccines are often two factors present in kids with autism). And she gave me some really lovely oils that I can use at home. Yummy :-). But regardless, it was just lovely and relaxing.



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jennie said...

Hi Jo,

I found you through NLQ, where I lurk.

Just wanted you to know that Jenny McCarthy's stance on the alleged link between autism and vaccines has been pretty thoroughly debunked.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a British doctor, presented a case-series report on 12 (only 12!) cases in which 12 out of 12 patients with autism had also received the MMR vaccine. In a later paper, he speculated that there might be a connection between autism and irritable bowel disease and the vaccines.

Basically, his research was conducted in a really shoddy manner, from the selection of his sample group (self-referred through an interest group, and therefore not at all random), to the misreporting of data (in many cases, symptoms of autism were present prior to the child's receiving the vaccine). Also, Dr. Wakefield himself was hardly a disinterested researcher; he was retained by an anti-vaccine group to prove that vaccines harm children. So he was trying to find research to support a conclusion, rather than building a conclusion from his research.

Various media outlets picked up Wakefied's bit of unscientific speculation and ran with it.

Subsequent honest-to-Eisner peer-reviewed research in which researchers looked for measels RNA in children with regressive autism showed no correlation whatsoever. The media pretty much ignored that research

I'm a science writer and editor—not any kind of shill for the pharmaceutical industry, nor a health care expert, and I don't have any children whom I've had vaccinated—so my bias is in favour of scientific methodology, accurate reportage of results, not one "side" of the debate.

I recommend reading the articles I linked in tandem with anything else you read on the topic. It can never hurt to seek more information.


mouse said...

I'm so glad someone else mentioned that there's NO LINK between autism and vaccinations. I can't believe there are still people touting that crap.

If you do online research, or even library research be sure to search for immunization as well as vaccination. There's a massive difference in what you find. Best website I found for actually providing references to peer reviewed materials was immunizationinfo.org It's pretty well in favor of immunization, but they actually bother to prove it rather than simply rant.


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