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Aug 15, 2009

Meeting the Past: In Words and in Person

Hi All,

Just thought I would let you all know I have officially created my first guest post titled "Musings from the Edge: A Mother and Daughter’s Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom". My mother and I joined forces...and so it proved quite an interesting (and powerful) experience. Thankyou Vyckie for allowing my mother and I the privilege of doing so.

Interestingly enough, at the same time as my mother's and I's little testimony was going 'virtual', I ran into a girl: that homeschooled using ACE (Australian Christian Education, I do believe: we never personally used it, but I did know people that did growing up). And I picked her out of the crowd at a bus stop of all places. Long hair (that was gorgeous, but had plenty of split ends and needed a cut), long skirt, and utter naivety. I went over to her and vaguely referenced homeschooling/Christianity/Laura Ingalls ( in pretty much ever single homeschooling family that I know (including my own) Laura Ingalls was their version of Harry Potter for girls!) , until she confirmed what I had already summarised: That she had been homeschooled, was one of 13, and etc, etc. I was quite upfront that I had left the movement myself, at which point she just became a touch aloof: but I persisted and was quite friendly and referred yet again to 'things' that the movement was into and we did have an interesting chat. But yet it was clear that she really didn't have much contact with outsiders like myself.

I found the experience utterly bewildering on so many levels. This was my first time talking to a young person around my age still in the movement: and her perspective in life was so much more cloistered than my own. I referenced Twilight (I wasn't really aware of their standing on the books, but I should have guessed), and she looked like I had mentioned the devil!

I kept thinking the whole conversation that girl could have been me, ever so easily with only a few small changes to both my personality and life's story. Would I swap with her: would I change anything about my life? Err no. Regardless of how "messy" my life is, I have choices: I can read, watch and do whatever I want. And that to me is precious, ever so precious.

But regardless, we have ran into each other a few days later and had yet another chat. Because I met her twice (which really doesn't happen all that often here in Rocky) I said to Karen (my counsellor), maybe she was placed in my path of a reason: perhaps so I can show her a different route. Or perhaps so I can share her perspective on this blog and others like it. Not that I condone that lifestyle on the whole, but yet it would be interesting to compare her life to mine (on so many levels!)....She is barely a year younger than me, and we grew up in a similar culture, but the outcomes are so very different! I guess if I ever run into her again, I will take it as a sign from fate that I am at least to approach her with the idea.



Sharon said...
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Sharon said...
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Sharon said...
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Stephanie said...

Is there a way that I could contact you in private without leaving a post? We have a lot in common and would like to speak more to you about it. Plus I am curious as to who you are on FJ----
I live on there :D

I am a ex gothard



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