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Sep 9, 2009

Weddings & Disease

Hi All,

Sorry about the long break, but life has been a little crazy of late.

First up, the bad news: Crohn's is back.....fan-f**king-tastic. got rushed to the hospital, had a million and one tests, and got lumped with the news that it's back, barely 10 months after operation. I had hoped for at least two years, but that is the way it goes. It reminds me yet again that this is something that I will have (on and off) for life: that is unpredicatable, and painful :-O. And I am back on Pentasa, but refused predisone (the effects were too bad last time). I need to have some life, and so far Pentasa alone is helping...but we will see.

Went to my cousins wedding it was fantastic....a beautiful, well put together, artful thing... Well done, Belinda and Scott.

Ahhh well....better run....still have no internet at home, so am using the library as am alternative :-)... Next week or two we should have internet again.


1 comment:

Lidia said...

I'm sorry to hear about Crohns... I know it was a huge hurdle for you last year :-( I really hope you can get over it. At least you had a bit of a break with the wedding! Good luck and will see you next month :-)



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