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Nov 28, 2009

Botkin Sisters Continued.

Hi All,

Finally finished the Botkin sisters blog. (ugh; I should know better!). They are around my age....oh lordy ::)

Why are they so, so anti college (university (uni) as it is known here in Aus)? When they have so clearly never been? I understand that they believe that uni is encouraging family breakdown and young people leaving Christ. I can only talk from personal experience and say that for me, it allowed me the chance to explore others thoughts/beliefs etc in a completely different context. And yes, I ended up changing many of them, from my stance on gay rights (thanks to my awesome friend Chris whom I met at uni), to my stance on sex before marriage (thanks to my now hubby 
;) ): but I think it wasn't just uni that allowed me to do that: it was mostly due to me leaving home! I also learnt a lot of other interesting information which has nothing to do with religion. Sure, I made some mistakes along the way (anyone would coming from one extreme to the other!), but least I can say I had fun and tried things!

I hate that whenever they talk about marriage they refer to it as a transfer of authority between father and husband. I can't imagine my marriage (and prior that, our de facto relationship) being grounded on those precepts. I often joke that I am the Queen Bee, and outsiders to our marriage often consider our relationship that way: but the facts are, in the privacy of our own home we are both such strong, independent people that it all levels out in the end. I have always had my own identity (it used to drive my mother crazy when she was trying to "train" it!!) and I have kept, married or not!

Having now read their entire blog from pretty much beginning to end I think that:

They spend far too much time trying to persuade the reader that their life is perfect: that they have never questioned, even for a moment, their life choices. Nor, apparently, have they questioned the lack of choices offered to them from a young age. I know how hard it is to go against the grain of everything you have been taught since you can remember, but good god! Everyone I know from that life ended up questioning stuff: some left, some stayed, but all questioned.

As to the worship/adoration of their father/brothers/husbands/etc which they hold up as the example that all others should follow in their male relationships. All I can say is that they are encouraging and giving the paedophiles in the movement full and free permission to do what they will: and giving their victims no voice: which really angers me: and frightens me most of all.

And you know what makes me most sad about their advice? They have no idea, really: their experience of the world (at 20 and 22 respectively) has been narrowed to what their parents permit them to experience. So to judge something which they have never experienced bugs me: big time. 

But moving on!!!! 


1 comment:

Lidia said...

Hi Miss Jo,

I completely agree with what you said about uni. I also went to a Christian school and was brought up in a Christian home, although it was not very conservative, like yours ;-) But I had those prejudices ingrained in me regarding homosexuality and having sex outside of marriage. Although I wasn't brought up to judge people, I did do that. University really gives you choices, whereas I guess by not going your choices are severely limited. Some people won't change their viewpoints and stances, but if they have decided not to through actually learning and being educated about these things, than that is ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinoin, they just have to back it up! I think uni is an amazing learning experience, as is other higher education like TAFE. Or even getting out in the workforce.

Also, I am with you on the whole patriarchy thing. I hate these gender roles. You can love and respect your husbands/fathers/brothers, but you don't have to act as if you're a doormat!


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