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Nov 21, 2009

I'm Back! :-)

Hello all! Welcome back to the world of Jo: a world I have missed sharing with you all. The internet gods finally took pity on me and gave me the internets back :P.

So what has been happening? A great many things: some happy, some sad, some that we could say could have been better. But all has its place in my life.

Crohn's is still playing havoc. There are days when all I want is to be 'normal', whatever that might be: but for me, at least in terms of my health, it seems a very far away possibility.

One piece of good news is that I am still married, to a man with many failings but whose understanding of my idiosyncrasies allows me to overlook these (rofl). Honestly but, marriage is no different to living together really (contrary to what others tried to tell us): it is steady, reliable, and on the whole, makes me happy.

After the last attempts at babysitting, I really truly believed that I was done: no more other people's children. Ahhh how wrong was I! I am now babysitting a gorgeous 2 yr old one day a week...whom shall henceforth be known as Miss Moo on this blog. She is funny, intelligent, creative, musically talented and loves to dance. She lights up my world, and gives me something to look forward to and plan for every week. My house is again a home where the laughter of children ring out. And oh! How I do love it, even though I still feel the ache in my heart when she leaves and my home is silent and empty once more. There are no babies on the horizon, though I wish it otherwise. Sadly, babies do not grow on wish trees, because if they did I (and many others) would have a million or more by now.

I promise I will sit down and continue my update tomorrow.

Much Love,

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