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Dec 6, 2009

Christmas Plans for '09!

Hi All,

Christmas is flying towards us at the rate of knots: And still haven't got any presents for anybody!

We are spending Christmas with the in-laws (and extended in-law family) this year: all the way down in Ipswich. The plan is at the moment to go down Christmas Eve, stop in Marybrough (where the in-laws live) and go down Ipswich from there early on Christmas Day! We will be out of there hopefully by Wednesday the 30th....so ought to be spending New Years with Mum/Aunt Trish.

To be frank I would rather stay at home. That travel plan just sounds exhausting, and I really don't want have a really bad Crohn's day on Christmas Day and not be able to eat anything: that would be totally nightmarish for me. I do love Christmas food!! :-O....

Don't get me wrong, I understand why they want us to spend Christmas with them (I have never spent Christmas with them/extended family; and we were only married at the beginning of the year). But I think my mother/aunt/grandmother would have appreciated the same (for the much the same reasons too!). And, I did love having Christmas at my place last year and would really like to establish that as a tradition! It's not that I am against spending Christmas elsewhere: I am just being selfish and wishing that we could spend our first married Christmas at our house for a number of reasons: mostly because that would mean both sides could enjoy the day with us.


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