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Dec 18, 2009

Hospital and Duggars

Hi All,

I am hospital free! Woot!

Long story short, I was rushed up early Tuesday with severe, uncontrollable vomiting/diarrhoea, and only have just gotten out. That would be four and a half days in hospital :-o. They still have no idea what caused it, but they definitely were concerned: enough to keep me in longer than even I expected. It ended up being this huge drama.  Ugh. Well, I did say the year would end with a bang, but it wasn't the bang I was expecting, somehow.

The Duggars are also ending the year with a bang. Michelle Duggar gave birth to number 19: a little girl named Josie. She was 25 weeks early actually, due to complications. I posted my thoughts on the then upcoming birth here....I said it then, and I say it now: Michelle, it's time to stop. It's time to praise God and thank him that you, little Josie, and all the other little Duggars are alive. Your girls and other children are ultimately going to pay for your choice to have another child: they will lose precious "mummy minutes" and your older girls will be  placed into a position of having to fill those "mummy minutes". Like I have said in the past, I am not judging your choice to have so many children, I am judging your choice to continue having them, despite the fact that you knew that you had several risk factors, all of which ultimately led to this disaster of a pregnancy. As a woman who has little to no physical hope of ever carrying 18, 19,+ children, and as one whom has decided that the risk factors are just too high to ever consider having any more than 4 (at the very max and heavily dependant on my health status), your constant pushing of the boundaries of sense and at times good taste, is just plain painful and a kick in the guts. I can't even imagine how your perfect family persona is impacting other large QF families...I know that you have set the perfection bar far too high for many of them to ever reach, particularly in terms of lifestyle: most in the movement struggle to put food on the table, let alone travel all over the country, and have the huge house, the bus and the multiple cars. Think of the others your choices are having an impact on, Michelle. It is what God would want you to do.

Rant over.

Jo out.


Grace said...

Saw you were online over at NLQ and wondered how you were doing. Yikes! That hospital thing does not sound good. Are you feeling better now? *sends you e-cookies and e-soup* I guess you were right about the year ending with a bang. You could even say that it ended "explosively". Ok, lol, perhaps that was in poor taste.

I have seen so many people posting things a long the same lines as what you have said, in regards to Josie Duggar's birth. While I agree with the sentiment, (heck ,I couldn't look after 19 ferrets, let alone 19 children) I always wonder what the use is in saying these things. I don't think the Duggars will ever stop, until Michelle hits menopause. They're too convicted in their Quiverfull ways. I don't think it is a thinking, rational choice to have another baby, rather, they are opposed to anything which might prevent the birth of a child.

I think people like you and I, outside the movement can see how dumb and irresponsible it is, rolling the dice that many times, but for them, they truly believe that this is what they have to do to be good Christians, and that any child God gives them is a blessing, and he'll give them the grace to deal with any special needs children that may be born. And of course, there is also that thing about mums being martyrs, soldiers, living sacrifices, and all that.

They also probably think that as this lifestyle is clearly SO Godly, everything that comes with it must be good, and that includes their elder daughters being semi-servants. They probably view it as good training for their future marriages, and they've been raised to show JOY (Jesus first, others second, yourself last).

*shakes head*I sure am glad that kind of thinking is no longer a part of my life!!! :D

Laura said...

goodness, I'm glad you're okay. How incredibly miserable. Just to top Grace, I am sending you e-cookies and e-soup AND e-getwellsoonballoons. ;)

You probably already know what I think about the Duggars, seeing how we haunt all the same places. :D

Glad you are doing better.

Grace said...

Well, in that case Laura, I'm sending E-cookies, e-soup, e-getwellballoons AND AN E-PONY! Ha! Top that!! :P :P

Grace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess Jo said...

aww the love :)


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