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Jan 10, 2010

Blog Directions for 2010

Hi All,

And welcome back to dull, dull, dull. After pumping out any number of deep and meaningful posts, I am well and truly blogged out. Ugh.

But really? I can't help myself! So here are my ideas for 2010.

I have reorganised links and sidebars (for some reason the majority of my links disappeared during the remodel at the end of last year). I will be also slowly working on the sidebar to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.

I am also at looking at including a consistent "reference" page: particularly for the people that are searching my blog for help leaving fundamentalism. The reference page would have links to my story, Vyckie's site and the soon to be here "Take Heart Project" (more information on that soon).

And I am looking at getting a guest blogger in every now and then. So look out for that: should be interesting.

I will still write about the same things, and still keep the honesty and open book policy. But in the midst of all that, hopefully this blog will get more easier to use, comment and interact with.


1 comment:

Quivering Daughters said...

You are a very strong woman and have an inspiring journey! Thank you for your support and for this blog ~ a great resource.


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